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Western Blot automation

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Calibration Verification / Linearity

General Chemistry

Linearity Ammonia/Ethanol

Linearity General Chemistry

Linearity ISE

Linearity Lipids

Linearity UIBC

Linearity General Chemistry for Beckman AU

Linearity Ammonia/Ethonal for Roche Systems

Linearity Bilirubin for Roche Systems

Linearity Lipids for Roche Systems

Linearity General Chemistry for Roche System


Linearity BNP(High)

Linearity BNP(Low)

Linearity BNP(Extended)

Linearity D-Dimer

Linearity Homocysteine

Linearity hs-CRP

Linearity D-Dimer for bioMerieux VIDAS and miniVIDAS

Linearity D-Dimer for PATHFAST

Linearity BNP for RAMP

Linearity Cardiac for RAMP

Linearity BNP for Siemens Centaur

Linearity Cardiac Markers for Siemens Centaur

Linearity Homocysteine for Siemens Centaur

Linearity BNP for Siemens Centaur

Linearity Cardiac for Siemens Stratus

Linearity D-Dimer for Simens Stratus


Linearity ASO

Linearity Immunoassay

Linearity RF/CRP

Linearity Tumor Markers

Linearity Vitamin D

Linearity Immunoassay for Abbott

Linearity Thyroid for Abbott

Linearity Procalcitonin for bioMerieux VIDAS and miniVIDAS

Method Vap FD Procalcitonin for bioMerieux VIDAS and miniVIDAS

Linearity LQ Vitamin D for Roche

Linearity FD Anemia for Siemens

Linearity FD Fertility for Siemens

Linearity FD Thyroid for Siemens

Linearity FD Thyroid Markers for Siemens

Cal Ver LQ T-Uptake for Tosoh


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