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Hematoxylin H

Hematoxylin M

Hematoxylin ML

Hematoxylin G1

Hematoxylin G2

Hematoxylin G3

Hematoxylin W kit

Hematoxylin P.T.A

Hematoxylin CAR

Hematoxylin COL

Hematoxylin Instant kit

HCL Pap reagent

Scott’s solution

Bluing reagent

Eosin Y 0.2% aqueous

Eosin Y 0.5% aqueous

Eosin Y 1% aqueous

Eosin Y 2% aqueous

Eosin Y 0.5% alcoholic

Eosin Y 1% alcoholic

Eosin Y 2% alcoholic

Eosin Contrast

Eosin Contrast PLUS

Eosin Y Instant, aqueous

Eosin Y Instant, alcoholic

Hematoxylin HP, Pap 1A

Hematoxylin HP, Pap 1B

Shorr’s solution

Hematoxylin G1

Hematoxylin G2

Hematoxylin G3

OG-6 reagent, Pap 2A

Orange II reagent, Pap 2B

OG-EA31 Pap reagent

OG-EA50 Pap reagent

EA 31 reagent, Pap 3A

EA 50 reagent, Pap 3B

EA 65 reagent, Pap 3C

Bio-Diff kit

Buffer solution, pH 7.2

Buffer tablets pH 7.2

Buffer solution, pH 6.4

Buffer solution, pH 6.8

Buffer tablets pH 6.8

May-Gruenwald solution

Giemsa solution

Brilliant Cresyl Blue, solution

Hayem’s solution

Tuerk’s solution

Leishman’s solution

Wright’s solution

Field kit

Wright-Giemsa solution

BioGram  kit

Gram Crystal Violet 1% solution

Gram Lugol solution, stabilized

Gram Decolorizer solution 2

Gram Safranin solution

Gram Crystal Violet, phenol-free reagent

Gram sodium hydrogencarbonate, solution

Gram Lugol solution

Gram Safranin 5x concentrated

Carbol Fuchsin Gram 10x concentrated

Lugol’s solution (Schiller’s test)

Lugol’s solution, acid

TB-Stain Hot kit

TB Carbol Fuchsin reagent

TB Decolorizer

Methylene Blue Loeffl er’s reagent

TB-Fuchsin reagent

Methylene Blue 10x concentrated

TB-Stain Quick kit

TB Armand reagent

Gabbett reagent

TB-Stain Cold kit

TB Carbol Fuchsin reagent

TB Decolorizer

TB Malachite Green reagent

TB-Stain Fluorescent kit

TB-Stain Auramine O kit

TB Auramine O reagent

TB Auramine-Rhodamine reagent

TB Decolorizer Fluorescent

TB Permanganate reagent

Lactophenol Blue solution

Lactophenol solution

Myco-Mount Blue

Myco-Mount Red

Potassium hydroxide, solution for fungi

A.F.O.G. kit

Alcian Blue - P.A.S. kit

Alcian Blue pH 1.0 kit

Alcian Blue pH 2.5 kit

Alcian Yellow Toluidine Blue kit

Azan Trichrome kit

Azan Trichrome kit

Bio-Diff RTU kit

BioGram Histo kit

Colloidal Iron kit

Congo Red Highman kit

Elastica-Van Gieson kit

Eosin and nigrosine vital kit

Feulgen kit

Field kit

Fouchet-Van Gieson kit

Giemsa HP kit

Gomori Trichrome kit

Grimelius kit

Grocott kit

H.B.F.P. kit

Hematoxylin P.T.A. kit

Hematoxylin W kit

HemoGnost Perls kit

Luxol Fast Blue kit

M.I.F. kit

Mallory Trichrome kit

Martius Scarlet Blue (MSB) kit

Masson Fontana kit

Masson-Goldner Trichrome kit

Masson Trichrome kit

Movat kit

Mucicarmine kit

Oil Red O kit

Orcein kit

Paraldehyde Fuchsin kit

P.A.S. kit

P.A.S.M. / Jones kit

Reticulin kit

Reticulin Contrast kit

Rhodanine kit

Sperm-Diff RTU kit

Sudan Black B kit

Sudan Black B Lipid kit

TB-Stain Histo kit

UriGnost S kit

UriGnost SM kit

Van Gieson Trichrome kit

Verhoeff kit

Von Kossa kit

Warthin Starry kit

Weigert-Van Gieson kit

10% Formalin, alcoholic solution

Acetic acid, 0.5% solution

Acid alcohol, Azan

Acid alcohol, Orcein

Acid solution

Acridine Orange solution

A.F.O.G. reagent

Alcian Blue solution 1%

Alcian Blue solution pH 1.0

Alcian Blue solution pH 2.5

Alkaline alcohol, solution

Ammonium iron sulfate, solution

Aniline, alcoholic solution

Aniline Blue reagent

Aniline Blue, solution

Azan reagent

Azocarmine, solution

Basic Activation buffer

Benedict’s reagent

Biebrich Scarlet-Acid Fuchsin reagent

BioSchiff reagent

Borax, solution

Chromotrope 2R / Aniline Blue reagent

Chromotrope 2R / Fast Green F.C.F. reagent

Colloidal Iron, stock solution

Congo Red Puchtler reagent

Congo Red reagent

Cresyl Violet, solution

Reagent for differentiation in Gomori Trichrome kit

Acetic acid, 1% solution (used with Masson Trichrome and Masson-Goldner staining kits)

Acetic acid, Colloidal Iron

HCL reagent, A.F.O.G

HCL reagent, Colloidal Iron

HCL reagent, Feulgen

HCL reagent, HemoGnost Perls

HCL reagent, P.A.S

HCL reagent, Weigert-Van Gieson

Ehrlich aldehyde reagent

Eosin-nigrosin vital

Eosin Y, isotonic solution

Fast Green F.C.F. reagent

Field, solution

Ferri reagent, Verhoeff B

Ferri reagent, Weigert B

Fuchsin Acid reagent

Fuchsin Acid Van Gieson reagent

Fuchsin Basic reagent

Gelatin, gel in transport jar

Glutaraldehyde, 4% buffered solution

Gold chloride, 0.2% solution

Gold chloride, 1% solution

Gold chloride, 2% solution

Hematoxylin, Verhoeff A

Hematoxylin, Weigert A

Hydroquinone, solution

Iodine solution, Verhoeff C

Iron chloride, solution

Iron nitrate, solution

Kovac indole reagent

Light Green S.F. reagent

Lithium carbonate, Luxol

Lithium carbonate, solution

Lugol’s solution, M.I.F

Luxol Fast Blue, solution

M.F. reagent

Martius Yellow, solution

Mayer’s mucicarmine

Metanil Yellow, solution

Methenamine, solution

Methyl Blue Eosin, solution

Neutral Red reagent

Nigrosine, isotonic solution

Nuclear Fast Red (Kernechtrot) reagent

Oil Red O reagent

Orange G, 1% solution

Orange G / Aniline Blue reagent

Orcein reagent

Oxalic acid, 1% solution

Oxalic acid, 2% solution

Paraldehyde Fuchsin reagent

Periodic acid, 0.5% solution

Periodic acid, 0.8% solution

Periodic acid, 0.8% solution

Periodic acid, 1% solution

Buffered saline (Dulbecco), without added calcium and magnesium, sterile filtered

Buffered saline (Dulbecco), without added calcium and magnesium, concentrated 10x, sterile filtered

Buffered saline (Dulbecco), with added calcium and magnesium, sterile filtered

Buffered saline (Dulbecco), with added calcium and magnesium, concentrated 10x, sterile filtered

Buffered saline (Dulbecco) (0.01 mol/L, Tween 20), sterile filtered

Phosphomolybdic acid, 1% solution

Phosphomolybdic acid, 5% solution

Phosphotungstic acid, 1% solution

Phosphotungstic acid, 5% solution

Picric acid in acetone, solution

Ponceau S, solution

Potassium hexacyanoferrate, Colloidal Iron solution

Potassium hexacyanoferrate, solution

Potassium hydroxide, solution

Potassium permanganate, 0.5% solution

Potassium permanganate, 1% solution

Propylene glycol, 85%

P.T.A. - P.M.A. reagent

Reagent for differentiation in Verhoeff kit

Reducing buffer, solution

Resorcine Fuchsin reagent

Rhodanine reagent

Silver ammonia solution (component of Reticulin and Reticulin Contrast staining kits

Silver ammonia reagent (component of Von Kossa and Masson Fontana staining kits)

Silver nitrate, solution (component of Grocott and P.A.S.M. / Jones staining kits)

Silver nitrate, WS solution (component of Warthin Starry staining kit)

Sodium acetate, solution

Sodium hydroxide, solution

Sodium metabisulfite

Sodium tetraborate, solution

Sodium thiosulfate, 2% solution

Sodium thiosulfate, 5% solution

Sudan Black B, solution

Sulphosalicylic acid, 20% solution

Sulfuric acid, 0.3% solution

Sulfuric acid, 0.5% solution

Sulfuric acid, 3% solution

Tincture of iodine, 1%

Trichloroacetic acid, solution

Toluidine Blue, solution

UriGnost S reagent

UriGnost SM reagent

Acridine Orange, C.I. 46005

Alcian Blue 8 GX, C.I. 74240

Alcian Green

Alcian Yellow, C.I. 12840

Amido Black 10B, C.I. 20470 Naphthol blue black, Acid Black

Aniline Blue, C.I. 42780

Auramine O, C.I. 41000

Azocarmine G, C.I. 50085

Azophloxine, C.I. 18050

Azure A, C.I. 52005

Azure B, C.I. 52010

Azure C, C.I. 52002

Azure II

Azure II Eosinate

Biebrich Scarlet, C.I. 26905

Bismarck Brown Y, C.I. 21000

Brilliant Cresyl Blue, C.I. 51010

Brilliant Green Certifi ed, C.I. 42040

Carmine, C.I. 75470

Carminic acid, C.I. 75470

Celestine Blue, C.I. 51050

Chromotrope 2R, C.I. 16570

Congo Red, C.I. 22120

Cresyl Violet Acetate Certifi ed

Crystal Violet, C.I. 42555

Eosin B, C.I. 45400

Eosin Y, C.I. 45380

Eriochrome Cyanine R

Fast Green F.C.F., C.I. 42053

Fuchsin Acid, C.I. 42685

Fuchsin Basic, C.I. 42510

Fuchsin Basic - Schiff, C.I. 42500

Gentian Violet, C.I. 42555


Hematoxylin, C.I. 75290

Janus Green B, C.I. 11050

Jenner Stain

Leishman Stain

Light Green S.F., C.I. 42095

Luxol Fast Blue MBSN, C.I. 74180

Malachite Green, C.I. 42000

Martius Yellow C.I. 10315


Metanil Yellow, C.I. 13065

Methyl Green, C.I. 42590

Methyl Violet 10B, C.I. 42555

Methyl Violet 2B, C.I. 42535

Methylene Blue, C.I. 52015

Methylene Green, C.I. 52020

Neutral Red, C.I. 50040

Nigrosine WS, C.I. 50420

Nuclear Fast Red, C.I. 60760

Oil Red O, C.I. 26125

Orange II, C.I. 15510

Orange G, C.I. 16230

Orange G, C.I. 16230

Orcein, C.I. (ed.1) 1242

Orcein, C.I. (ed.1) 1242

Phloxine B, C.I. 45410

Ponceau S, C.I. 27195

Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate

Pyronine B, C.I. 45010

Resorcinol, C.I. 76505

Rhodamine B, C.I. 45170


Rose Bengal, C.I. 45440

Safranin O, C.I. 50240

Sirius Red, C.I. 35780

Sudan III, C.I. 26100

Sudan IV, C.I. 26105

Sudan Black B, C.I. 26150

Sudan Black B, C.I. 26150

Toluidine Blue O, C.I. 52040

Toluidine Blue O, C.I. 52040

Victoria Blue B, C.I. 44045

Victoria Blue R, C.I. 42563

Water Blue, C.I. 42755

Wright’s Stain

Xylidine Ponceau, C.I. 16150

Tissue marking dyes, 5 color set

Tissue marking dyes, 7 color set

Tissue marking dyes, green

Tissue marking dyes, yellow

Tissue marking dyes, black

Tissue marking dyes, red

Tissue marking dyes, blue

Tissue marking dyes, orange

Tissue marking dyes, lilac

4% NB Formaldehyde

4% Formaldehyde

10% NB Formaldehyde

10% Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde 37% for use in histology

NB Formaldehyde concentrated 5x, For preparation of 5 L of 4% buffered formaldehyde

Bouin’s solution



CitoSpray solution


Saccomanno fi xative



Histanol 50

Histanol 70

Histanol 80

Histanol 95

Histanol 96

Histanol 100

Histanol G

Histanol EP 95

Histanol EP 100

Histanol IP

Histanol M


Immersion oil

Cedarwood oil

Immersion oil type C

Immersion oil type FF

Immersion oil type 37

Immersion oil, tropical grade

Clean Lens

BioWax 52/54

BioWax 56/58

BioWax Plus 56/58

Micro Clean

CryoFix Gel

Cryo Spray

DeMold solution

Tissue Soft