Phosphate buffer tablets for preparing buffer solutions used in hematology and histology. One buffer tablet is sufficient for preparation of 1000 mL of phosphate buffer solution.





BioGnost’s Buffer tablets are used for preparation of phosphate buffer solutions with stable pH, buffer capacity and low temperature coefficients. Buffer tablets are easy to use and dissolve easily. After that the pH value is automatically set at the necessary level. Besides general use in many histological and cytological methods in which buffer tablets are dissolved in distilled water, they are frequently used in practical hematology in blood smear counting procedures. In that case the buffer solution is essential for preparation of diluted Giemsa/May-Gruenwald/Wright/Leishman solutions and for rinsing stained samples without causing destaining of stained cells.


Technical Data

Trade name: BUFFER TABLETS pH 6.8
Catalogue number: PT-68-100

Available volumes: 100 pcs


BUFFER TABLETS pH 6.8 (100pcs)

SKU: PT-68-100

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