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Microscopy reinvented

A fully automated walk-away hybrid that combine result from chemistry & microscopy. 

FUS-2000 - Fully automated urine R&M analyzer

Through the combination of intelligent dry chemistry and imaging technology comparison, the FUS-2000 provides the user with precise data, effectively lowering the risk of both false positive and false negative results.


  • High precision aspiration and dripping system guarantees accurate sample distribution on the urine strips.

  • Patient ID is automatically recognized by the bar code reading system.

  • STAT port provides emergency sample priority.

  • Blank pad for the correction of influence from urine color variation.



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FUS-2000 Features

  • Auto loader capacity: 50 samples/ 270 samples optional

  • High throughput: 120 tests/hour

  • Simplified and compact 2 in 1 design

  • Standardized urinalysis testing solution 

  • Long walk-away operation with consecutive loading (50/270 samples optional)

  • Contributing comprehensive clinical information to doctors


Urine chemistry menu includes:

Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Ketones, Blood, Protein, Nitrite, Leucocyte, Glucose, PH, Creatine,Cacium,Vitamin C, Microalbumin, Specific Gravity, Color, Turbidity


Urine formed element / sediments menu includes:

Red blood cell,White blood cell,Squamous epithelial cell,Non-squamous

epithelial cell,Hyaline casts.unclassified casts ,Mucus,Bacteria,Yeast, White blood cell clumps,Sperm,Etc


Test Principle


The FUS-2000 utilizes flat flow cytometry, digital imaging technology and All technique to not only provide the user with objective results but also with physical images

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