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Compact Fully Automated EIA Processor

Immunomat SERION ELISA Analyzer

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Compact Microplate Processor


Fully automated microplate processor for low throughput applications

  • Total walk away system

  • Flexible time management with LIS connectivity

  • Modularity – open system

  • Ease of use, installation and maintenance

  • Assay performance with disposable tips

  • High process safety with triple pipetting control

  • Convenient programming of assay protocols

  • Proven reliability

  • The system is in compliance with the In-vitro diagnostic directive 98/79/EC

compact mircolate processor-09.jpg

Gemini Combo with
ifa application available


  • Efficient dual technology– IFA and EIA – on a single instrument

  • Processing of up to 16 IFA slides

  • Quick and reliable: no risk of cross-contamination

  • Flexible and intuitive slide designer

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  • Absorbance reader with up to 8 different filters

  • Single or dual wavelength reading

  • End point and kinetics

  • Shaking


  • Two independently controlledincubator chambers (up to 45°C)with shaking (20 Hz)

  • Three room temperatureincubation chambers

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  • 2 x 8-channel washer (aspirate and dispense)

  • Three wash buffers

  • Sweep mode, soak, top and bottom wash, variable pump speed

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Safety and in-process control

  • Pipetting pressure monitoring

  • Capacitive liquid level detection for optimal identification of fibrin clots and insufficient volume

  • Colorimetric dispense verification

  • Positive identification of barcoded samples and reagents

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Capacity and throughput

  • Initial loading of up to 192 samples

  • Continuous loading

  • Three disposable tip rack positions

  • Two deep-well plate positions for pre-dilution and / or archiving

compact mircolate processor-07.jpg

Ease and flexibility

  • Flexible scheduling of up to three plates

  • Graphical assay protocol editor

  • Combination of multiple assays on one plate

  • Proven software reliability

  • Bi-directional LIS connectivity, ideal withrandomaccess instruments

  • Based on established EIA software platformwith more than 4,500 placements worldwide

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  • PipettingLiquid pipettor for disposable tips (300 μl or 1100 μl)

  • Flexibly programmable for singlepipetting, multiple pipetting, multipledilution steps, mixing andarchiving

Photo Gallery

Easy integration - no limits

1.Additional functionality through middleware software

Easy integration: Wide range of interfaces allows consolidation of results from other instruments

Connects host: Provides smooth real time bi-directional communication between device and LIS

Connects instruments: Operates with single or multiple GEMINI installations

2.Additional benefits

Short/long term data storage: Can operate with local dbase or SQL server

Retest management: User definable retest and reflex management

Drill down: Extensive drill down capability on sample or plate data
Open and definable: User definable functions (e.g. reporting) allows maximum flexibility
Closed and secure: Software can be locked to operate as a secure closed system

Other microplate products

Semi-automatic ELISA READER

  • Easy operation system with touch screen or mouse and large LCD display.

  • 8- channel optical fiber system enables 5 second reading for the whole plate.

  • Bichromatic measurement. Calculation modes include ABS, cut-off, curve, linear, log and exponent regression.

  • Multi-assay feature enables up to 12 different assays on one plate.

  • Large memory to store up to 500 test protocols and 10.000 results.

  • Multiform result output including patient comprehensive report.

  • Random pos & neg control.

Microplate Washer  RT-3100

washer RT3100.jpg
  • User friendly operation system with large LCD display 

  • Washes flat, U and V-bottom strips and plate

  • 12-way or 8-way manifold, automatic and manual positioning

  • Large memory, up to 100 wash protocols can be programmed

  • Multi-channel, 1 or up to 3 for wash, 1 for rinse and 1 for waste

  • Plate shaking function, time and speed are adjustable 

  • Two 96-well plate incubation positions (optional)

  • Liquid level detection and alert function - Easy maintenance 

  • Compatible for Elisa Microplate or Cell Culture Plate 

  • Temp Range: 25~60℃

  • Frequency: 250-1200rpm

Microplate incubator & shaker

Immunomat SERION ELISA Analyzer

Immunomat SERION ELISA Analyzer

The ImmunomatTM is a 4-plate benchtop automat with integrated pipetting system, plate transporter, ELISA washer and reader. Four plate positions and incubators with agitation function to guarantee an efficient workload of the instrument allowing the processing of up to seven microtiter plates. Of course, the system is in compliance with the in-vitro diagnostic directive 98/79/EC.


  • SERION ELISA Analyzer for medium to high throughput applications

  • Validated for antibody detection in serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), for avidity determination and antigen detection with SERION ELISA immunoassays

  • Short loading times by barcode identification of samples, reagents and microtiter plates

  • Processing of up to 16 different assays per plate

  • Reload function for patient samples, reagents and microtiter plates

  • 2D hand barcode scanner for parameters of quality control certificates

  • Multishot dispenser function and memory function for tip racks

  • Optimize function for scheduling for an efficient workload of the instrument

  • Clot detection and bubble kill function guarentee walk-away functionality

  • Level sensors for fluid containers with automated warning in case of lack of reagents or filled waste container

  • Easy access to buffers and reagents

  • Fast and quantitative evaluation of SERION ELISA immunoassays

  • Parameter- or patient-orientated result reports

  • Listing of test reagents

  • Import/export function for reagents

  • Integrated reports for quality controls of standards and controls

  • Bi-directional connection to laboratory software systems via ASTM interface

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